Debra Haverson Psychotherapy Services LLC

Helping you find clarity, harmony
and greater contentment in your life

                 Anxiety and Depression

  • Understand the link between current symptoms, personality patterns and prior life events.
  • Learn constructive coping strategies.
  • Determine how to take action on situational life events or personal habits that are contributing to your problem.
  • Discuss whether or not you should consult a doctor about medications.

                           Relationships and Family

      • Frustrated with the loss of connection?  Make  your relationships more satisfying.
      • Learn about how personality patterns can lead people to frequently repeat versions of the same-old conflicts.
      • Develop more effective, caring ways of communicating with each other.


      • Learning and behavioral difficulties such as ADHD
      • Play therapy
      • Family dynamics
      • Socialization issues

      Are you on


      • I am not a psychiatrist and cannot prescribe medications. I will, however, help you understand how psychiatric medications work and, with
      • your permission, communicate with your doctors about how you are responding to them.
      • New research in neuroscience means that we have a clearer understanding about what goes on in the brain and how this is linked to mood and behavior.

               Stress Reduction

      • Read more about this subject in the articles section of this website.
      • Overworked and finding little time and patience at home?  Shift your perspective to bring your values and actions into alignment.
      • Examining our thoughts and physical response before and during stress is critical.  From there, you can apply various techniques to return to a calmer state.
      • Evaluate whether your current life choices support emotional well-being.

      Issues of Aging and Grief

      • Helping senior citizens cope with aging and loss, as well as memory problems. 
      • Approved Medicare provider.
      • Support for caregiver burnout.
      • Grief counseling.

             Trauma Treatment

      • Read more about this subject in the articles section of this website.
      • Pushing away traumatic memories is not the answer since these experiences continue to affect both mind and body.
      • The past is not just the past if your emotional triggers cause difficulties in your current life.


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